I Have a New Location!

Hey peeps! I’m writing this post to tell you that I am no longer writing here at Mediocre Mormon Mom. I realized that I wanted a site that had better focus and so I started a whole NEW blog for […]

Momming is Harrrrrd

Dude. Momming is soooo harrrrrd. I mean, right? Sometimes we don’t want to admit it for fear of sounding too complain-y. I know I sound like a broken record saying “Today was really rough” every single day. But let’s be […]

Six Reasons my Fifth Kid Seems Neglected

It’s not always easy to be the last of 5 kids. Often there’s just too much going on in a family of seven for the last kid to get a lot of one-on-one attention. Sometimes usually that fifth kid may […]

When Should You Medicate Your Kid?

The short answer: When they need it. The long answer: It took me years of struggling with anxiety, depression, OCD, and ADHD to finally realize I needed help. I had no idea the way I was feeling wasn’t normal. Nor […]

17 Tips for Surviving a Day with a Toddler

  Taking care of a toddler is no small feat. Whether you’re babysitting for an hour, or have your hands full day after day with one or more of your own, you can survive this. You just need a few […]

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