32 Years in 32 Sentences


Upon hearing a Crystal Gayle song on the radio on the way to the hospital, my mom changed my would-be name from Summer Rose to Crystal Kay.


I lived on campus at Brigham Young University in Provo, UT, while my parents were going to college.


When I had to go potty I’d squat down wherever I was, go in my diaper, and then take off my sock and “wipe” with it.


We moved to Whittier, CA, where we would live for the next 13 years, and my grandpa ran over my cat named Sesame.


I kept telling our neighbor not to smoke.


In kindergarten, when asked what plumbers do I responded that they pick plums.


I had my first kiss.


Best slumber party ever: 12 girls, Gloria Estefan’s “Conga,” toilet paper, and pizza, OH YEAH!

Apparently I got a Cabbage Patch Kid for my birthday. And yes, I am wearing a sleeveless dress. Doesn’t every 7-year-old need to look “sexy” while singing to Gloria Estefan?


After being baptized, I was afraid that tripping over my own feet would mar my moral cleanliness.


I insisted that for both my 9th and my sister’s 1st birthdays (4 days apart) we needed a cake with a picture of us swinging on a swing, and a sun shining in the corner..wearing sunglasses–I had to explain this more than once to the baker.

Love the bangs!


I started 5th grade with my 2nd least favorite teacher, who called us all “ungrateful little snots,” and who coincidently married my 1st least favorite teacher from 2nd grade.


My most humiliating moment, even worse than the time my skirt AND underwear fell down, was the time I had made up a club with my only 3 friends called, “The Bubble Girls” (because we all had bubble necklaces), and everyone in my 5th grade class was mocking me by making popping noises and saying “bubble girls!” in high pitched voices and my (2nd least favorite) teacher didn’t do anything about it.


At 6th grade graduation I was dubbed “Bloomingdales” by all the kids in my 6th grade class who didn’t like me (which was all of them), started junior high school (which I loved because I finally made friends my age), and bought my first non-Payless shoes: black Converse All-Stars hightops.

Me as “Bloomingdales”


I wore green every day for much of the year.

In the corner you can see one of my two pairs of green Vans. I liked green.  And since not all of my outfits were green, I wore green shoes so that everyday I was wearing something green.  Did I mention I liked green?


I made the Whittier High School Color Guard (Tall Flags) and had my very first “boyfriend” for one week and one day.


I learned to play the trombone and joined the WHS marching band.


I had my first really serious boyfriend and then moved away from my home of 12 years (the yellow-green stuccoed apartment building with the orange doors) to Crestline, leaving all my friends, but making new ones.


I joined the Rim of the World High School Drill Team.

And apparently got very, very tan.


I went to the Prom with my future husband who was 21, already back from a mission, and who I had barely met; graduated from RHS and started college at BYU.

Hubby and I at prom.  I hated this dress. We had no money so I had to borrow some stranger’s old dress from like, 10 years prior. I was humiliated but consoled myself in the fact that I was the only one at prom wearing it.
One of my bestest friends and I at graduation.


I Married my sweetheart.


My sweet boy J-Dub was born.


Nine-eleven: I was 5 months pregnant with J-Dog and giving J-Dub a bath when Hubby’s sister (who was staying with us) came up to me and said that their mom had just left a message saying, “I just wanted to let you guys know…America’s being bombed…call me back…bye…” and we thought she was exaggerating.


My sweet J-Dog was born.


I graduated from BYU (I got a BS in Marriage, Family and Human Development) with Hubby (he got a BA in History Teaching) and our little boys (who didn’t get degrees, but they “walked” with us anyway).

We dressed them up too because we figured they went to enough classes, slobbered on enough books and were patient through enough homework to deserve a ceremony.


Thanks to wonderful, supportive, and empathetic friends; I learned what I wish I had known all along: that I suffer from major depression and anxiety, and that there IS help.


Worst year ever: my dad died, I had a spinal tap resulting in the dreaded “spinal headache,” I was poked in the back 16 times, and I had a miscarriage.


Went on my first cruise.


My two sweet baby girls were born, Princess, born in January, and Preemie, born 3 months early in November.

Princess at 3 months.
Preemie, in my shirt, probably at less than 1 month old. I still should have been only 6 months pregnant with her.


On Easter Sunday J-Dub was baptized and Preemie was blessed.


We took the boys to Disneyland for the first time and had the biggest blast ever!


Peanut got baptized and Preemie got much needed glasses.

Our family after J-Dog’s baptism.
Preemie in her brand new glasses.


I ran my very first half marathon and finished in less than 2 1/2 hours!


Will hopefully be the best year ever!

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  1. I like this. I may copy you. Hee hee. I remember that summer at BYU in between your prom and wedding. lol! I am glad you found help with your depression and anxiety. I know first hand how rough it is. I am still figuring out the help part. You have beautiful kids!


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