A REALLY Incompetent Mother

Writing the post, An Incompetent Mother made realize how really incapable I can be.  I was reminded of some other choice moments in my career as a mother when I had proved to be especially adroit.

Once, I was leaving the house to bring treats to J-Dog’s kindergarten class for his birthday.  Princess was probably a year old and Preemie must still have been in the hospital after being born 3 months early.  I locked the front door, buckled Big Girl safely in her car seat, and was ready to go when I realized I had left the treats in the house.  I locked the car door so no one would kidnap my daughter (in the middle of the freaking forest-yeah, I was paranoid) while I ran in the house.  When I got back to the car I realized I had left my KEYS in the house so I ran back to the house to discover that it was locked (because there are obviously thieves abounding in Cedarpines Park, CA).  I had locked myself out of the house and my one-year-old in the car.

I don’t know why I didn’t have my cell phone, I must have left it in the house as well.  So I left my poor daughter vulnerable in the car while I ran up the street to the neighbor’s house and called 911 to come and get my baby out of the car.  Then I ran back to wait by the car.  When they came they tried all kinds of ways to get into the house to get the keys, but I had every window and door on every floor of the house shut and locked (remember, I’m paranoid).  Princess was fine this whole time, by the way.  Not a tear or anything.  They finally got her out of the car and we spent the rest of the day at the neighbors house until daddy got home to let us in the house.

Unfortunately that wasn’t the first OR last time I locked someone in/out of the car.  But this time, poor J-Dog was so devastated that I had failed to bring the treats for his birthday.  He even cried at school which is always embarrassing for a kid.  Why do these things always seem happen on the special days like field trips and birthdays?  This year I totally forgot to bring treats for J-Dub’s birthday on the day I said I would.  Good thing he forgot about it too and wasn’t devastated like J-Dog was.

Thankfully this one didn’t happen on a “special” day, but a few months ago I had taken the boys to school and when the girls and I got home I carried Preemie in the house (the girls weren’t wearing shoes), put my purse in the house and then went to get Big Girl out of the car.  When I turned to go in the house the front door was shut.  I’m sure you all guessed that the door was, in fact, locked.  But it wouldn’t have mattered anyway because our door was made in the 60’s and it doesn’t open from the outside without a key. Also, the handle is so hard to turn that only an adult can open it from the inside.  Yeah.

Check out the totally groovy stained glass!

So Preemie locked herself IN the house and Princess and I were locked OUT .  Thank goodness Josh only works 20 minutes away.  He came and bailed us out (again, not for the first OR last time). Poor Preemie was crying in the house when we finally got in.  Being alone in there must have been so scary for her!  But at least she was safe.

I now have my keys on my person at all times when I am outside of the house.  I should also make an extra key to keep under the mat or something.  But have I done that yet?  Of course not.  Besides, if i do that, someone might find it and use it to get into the house!

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  1. I haven’t locked my kids in the car nor have we been locked out of the house, but I have broken my son’s leg when I fell down the stairs while carrying him. In the back of your head you think logically, that accidents happen, but it doesn’t stop you from feeling horrible! Even now, I still cringe when my kids remind me of the incident! :-/

    BTW, please stop by my blog when you have a minute; I have something for you. 🙂


  2. I applaud every effort to help members accept their humanity, the fact that we are imperfect and it’s okay that we make mistakes. After all, Heavenly Father created a plan that took our imperfection into account, because He loves us, even as we are.


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