An Incompetent Mother

I try to be as involved at my kids’ school as I can.  Having two toddlers makes it hard to volunteer very much, but the other day my mom babysat so that I could go on a field trip to the Mojave Narrows with J-Dub’s 5th grade class.  When I got to the school I found out that they didn’t have any pre-printed directions and none of the teachers knew how to get there.  Since buses are slow and I live close to the school I ran (drove, really) home to google it.  I figured I’d be able to meet, if not beat, the bus there.  The directions were simple enough and I was on my way in no time.

Of course I got lost.

I was supposed to turn onto the 173 from the 138.  Easy Peasy.

But since I know part of the 138 really well and had no idea where the 173 was, I didn’t start looking for it until things were getting less familiar and I had already passed the turn.  Instead I ended up here:

43 miles off course.

How could I let this happen, you might ask?  Well, like I said I didn’t think the turn would come so soon.  I actually started looking for the turn RIGHT AFTER I had missed it.  And in my defense, the sign for the turn was teeny weeny!!  And then, not noticing the turn for a long, long time, I figured it just SEEMED like I had been traveling too long.  I wasn’t keeping track of my miles or of the time and I just assumed that since it often seems like you have gone to far when you haven’t, that that was what was going on.  Eventually (43 miles out-of-the-way) I KNEW something was wrong.  Looking back, I realize that my overconfidence in how well I knew the area was my downfall. I should have kept track of the time and/or the miles so that I would know when the turn was coming up, rather than just assuming that it would show up eventually in an unfamiliar area.

Well it didn’t show up “eventually” and so I called Hubby.  He wasn’t at his phone so I called his mom and she told me where I was SUPPOSED to turn.  I finally got ahold of Hubby and he gave me alternate directions.  I was (figuratively) kicking myself that I was going to miss out on the hike, but I was (literally) praying that I would find the group in time for lunch.  I had that poor boy’s lunch AND water.

Luckily I did get there in time for lunch, but unfortunately I missed most everything else.

If there’s one thing I can say for J-Dub, it’s that he is a pretty optimistic guy.  He had a great time despite the fact that I got there 3 1/2 hours late.  In fact he hardly seemed affected by my absence at all.

Thank goodness for forgiving kids, and for mothers-in-law and husbands with Google Maps.

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  1. Oh man! You both look happy in the photo so that is what we will all remember about this event, not that you traveled for an hour when you didn’t need to!! Glad he wasn’t too upset about it, I know Miriam would have been worried the whole time…that is her though 😉


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