I have a fixation with brownies. I love them, I crave them, I can eat half a batch of batter in one sitting. Oh how I love the batter!  I made a batch a couple of days ago just for the batter.  But in order to keep me from gaining 5 pounds in ten minutes I have a rule: I only eat the batter that’s left in the pot after I pour it into the dish…plus I can dip my finger in one time, but that’s IT!  If you read my post, “I am a nice Mommy.” you know that the day after baking those brownies I fed them to my children for breakfast and then ate the remainder myself.

Yup. I love brownies, but not just any brownies, gooey fudgy brownies.  Cake brownies are just cake without frosting, and the only redeemable part of cake IS the frosting.  Brownie making is a delicate process.  You can’t cook the brownies all the way or they will cease to be gooey and will then taste like cake.  I like the Ghiradelli brownie mix with the chocolate chips in them, but I usually make them from scratch because I can’t justify taking money from my budget to purchase brownie mix.  I can, however, justify buying baking cocoa because you can always use baking cocoa, right?  Right… in brownies.

I also made brownies today instead of a cake for J-Dog’s Birthday party.  I swear to you that’s what HE wanted.  I guess he gets his good taste from his mother.  It seems like a lot of brownies to make in just a matter of days, but I’m generous like that.  Besides, I don’t mind the sacrifice, I got to lick the bowl.

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  1. Crystal, you and I are like two peas in a pod. I LOVE brownies! I could eat a whole pan myself. I usually only make them if I am sharing, so I don’t gain 5 lbs at once. I couldn’t agree more about gooeyness. If it’s not gooey, it’s not a brownie. Cake brownies??? – ick! I don’t want cake without frosting. I can do without cake. Now ice cream… don’t get me started!

  2. I have never had brownies as good as the ones you make. I would bake a batch twice a week to “comfort me when faint” if mine would turn out like yours.


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