Can Boys Wear Capris?

Can Boys Wear Capris.jpg

The answer is…no.

We all know full well the answer is no.  In the words of Meghan Trainor, “Na-to-the-ah to the no, no, no.”


How about when you have to wake your 1-year-old up from a nap to rush to the school to pick up your 8-year-old and try not to be more than 7 minutes late to her dentist appointment?  Because in that case you might discover the napping baby has no pants on and grab some from the drawer and put them on as you are running downstairs. You might further discover that the pants are too short. Obscenely short. Like, probably a size 3-6 months when he normally wears 18 months short. Like, they don’t just look like ill-fitting pants; and they certainly aren’t short enough to be actual shorts; no, they are in that fashion-suicide no man’s land between high-water pants and bermuda shorts. They look like knickerbockers. Or worse, capris.  But THEN it’s OK, right?


Look at that poor, unsuspecting boy.  Why oh why did his mother take a photo of his shame? He’ll never live down the humiliation.  All evidence should have been destroyed immediately!

But alas, mom was in such a big hurry that she couldn’t find him other pants, but not in so much of a hurry that she couldn’t snap a pic first. Even if it meant being 8 minutes late to the dentist.

So in that situation, then it is OK for a boy to wear capris, right? No? How about rolled-up shorts in an attempt to NOT be wearing capris? Is that any better?


The answer is…no.

The reason is…no.

Except for…no.

“You need to let it go.”



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