Clean or Nap?

It’s a few days away from October and it’s time to get my Halloween decorations up.  The main problem with that, aside form having to actually go out in the backyard and into the buildup to get them, is fact that my house is dusty.  I mean really dusty.  Some people have allergies or whatnot and dust at least occasionally.  But I haven’t dusted since we moved in and that was over a year ago.  As you can imagine, my house is covered in a thick layer of dust.   I often burn candles and plug in air fresheners to mask the “abandoned house” smell.  I got to feeling like I can’t really justify decorating a dirty house, so I started to at least THINK about dusting.  That led me to thinking about how, even if I did dust, Josh would probably make fun of me for decorating when I still haven’t put our pictures up in our bedroom yet.  They are still sitting in a box on our dresser, and like I said, it’s been over a year.  They are also very dusty.

Incredibly,  I didn’t get so overwhelmed that I just curled up in the fetal position and went to sleep.  I actually went up stairs and took my pictures out of the box and dusted them off.  Then I realized that my room was kind of dirty (how does everything get so dirty??) Well I couldn’t put up pictures in a dirty room, so I literally turned in circles a few times deciding what to clean first.  How about this. No this.  No this.  No this.  I don’t know how, but I finally decided on SOMETHING to start with, cleaned up the room (enough), and put up the pictures. No applause necessary, although you can if you want to.

Tomorrow I hope to be able to dust the downstairs and put up the decorations.  If I have time.  And if I don’t give up and just take a nap.

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