God Moves in a Mysterious Way

It’s amazing the way God can use us as an instrument in his hands even without us realizing it at first.

This morning started as a lazy morning.  The weather was good and I thought I’d take the girls to the park, but being the lazy bum that I am I decided to nap on the couch while they watched a movie first.  I slept longer than I had anticipated (of course) and told the girls we would go to the park later.  But for some reason I started to think that I could make lunch, shower and make it to the park in time to play, eat lunch there and come home for the girls’ nap.

After my shower, Princess was already dressed but it was like pulling teeth to get Preemie to get ready: she had to go potty but wouldn’t go alone, she needed her blanket because she was cold but couldn’t find it, she finally went potty,  finally found her blankie, then had to go again (that took awhile), and THEN I finally got her dressed and we headed out the door.

At first I thought we’d go to the park and I’d go to the gas station to get a Diet Coke afterwards.  But I decided I wanted the Diet Coke at the park so I drove past the park to the gas station, got my drink and then headed to the park.  On the way there I saw a mom with four little kids sitting by the side of the road, that somehow I had missed seeing on the way to the gas station.  I turned around to see if they needed a ride and when I pulled up I recognized the woman as someone who had gone to our church before.  I asked her if she needed a ride and to my surprise she said she was headed to a place about 40 minutes away.  The bus system in our area only runs every 4 hours and she had been waiting for a bus that didn’t come.  I had nothing else I had to do and this poor woman had 4 little ones under the age of 7 just sitting out there in the sun waiting for a bus that may or may not have come so I went ahead and took her “down the hill.”

It’s a small thing and anyone would have done it, but it felt so good to be able to help out a mom who was in need.  These words from a hymn kept coming to my mind,

“God moves in a mysterious way, His wonders to perform.”

I just kept thinking that Heavenly Father had a wonder to perform for that woman, and he had a mysterious way to do it.  He had me drive by at just that time so that I could give her a ride.  I didn’t do anything special, I just saw her on the side of the road and happened to have nothing to do today.  In fact, throughout the day leading up to this, I just did whatever I felt like at the moment.  I didn’t feel any particular promptings of the spirit, but I still think the Lord wanted me to go get the Coke first. And I think he helped me “feel like” doing what I did to an extent.  Who knows.  Whatever happens, happens.  And sometimes it’s just the way it was meant to be.

The amazing things were: that my girls didn’t throw a fit about not going to the park, that I decided to go to the park even though I napped as long as I did, and that I even noticed her the second time I passed by since I didn’t notice her the first time.  God really does move in a mysterious way, and his wonders will be performed.


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  1. Beautiful!!! It seems to me that you were part of a Tender Mercy for someone else. I love those things! When we’re able to be used to help someone else – we are the ones who feel the joy! I’m SO glad that happened for you today and….am glad that you shared! It was an inspiration to me and…good reminder that we’re all here to help one another! Thanks!

  2. Thank you for sharing and you DID do something big! Not anyone would have picked up a mom with her 4 kids!! And it definitely was the Spirit talking to you and you listened! Thanks!!


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