I am a nice mommy

I am a nice mommy. I really am.  I’m so nice that even though I have a very short fuse today, I let J-Dog have a friend over, got Preemie some chocolate milk (although I answered her with, “Yes, I’ll get you a friggin’ drink!”), I played with my girls earlier (never mind the fact that I am telling them “No” right now),  I’m letting them watch “Backyardigans” despite the fact that it annoys the heck out of me, AND I’ve gotten Preemie more chocolate milk (she drank it all in the time it took me to type that) and am now typing with one hand because I am holding her on my lap.

This is how nice I am: I let the kids have brownies for breakfast this morning.  I know it’s not as healthy as say, Fruity Toasty O’s or Sugar-Coated Frosty Flakes, but that just shows you how pervading my niceness really is.  Besides, if I hadn’t let them eat some for breakfast, then I would have eaten a lot MORE brownies than I did anyway when I finished off the pan this afternoon.

Another manifestation of my nicety is that even though Hubby has been gone three nights in a row (I don’t know how you military wives do it), and I didn’t get my weekly night off, and the house is a total mess, AND I just chased a naked 4-year-old through the house, I haven’t hit anybody, thrown anything, or said any “bad” words (see my post entitled, “I always have a happy feeling when I go to church.” for a less stellar example of my behavior under stress).

I am so nice in fact, that I am going to go put the girls to bed RIGHT NOW before I hurt someone.  But hey, I let them stay up until 6:20 pm! How nice is that?!

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