I Was Glad My Kids Went Back to School Until All Hell Broke Loose


So Winter Break was great, amiright?

All the kids are back at school now and the hubby is back at work. I guess I was just a teeny bit ready for them to go back. They weren’t really driving me crazy like they used to do when they were littler, but I love writing and can’t seem to concentrate enough to form a coherent sentence when there’s a lot of people around. The great thing about break is no alarms, no schedules, and no homework. But the peace during the day is exquisite. Sure, I was back at “work” too. Grocery shopping, homework, cleaning and dinners all had to be taken care of and I am the one to do the vast a majority of it alone.

But the day started out smoothly enough.

The kids were all at school, the toddler napped, and I got to work on a project I wanted to accomplish.

Then the kids came home and all hell broke loose.

This picture kind of sums up my day, except that my day had more crying, feces, and vomit. By the way, this only represents a 20 minute span of the day while I was showering. That was the easy part of my day.

This is real life, folks. Oh and there are messier parts of the house than this.  I just don’t dare show you the dishes or laundry.

Then it started to go downhill.

I had gone to the grocery store for again, only like 20 minutes, leaving the teenagers in charge of the littles. That’s when the crap hit the fan.  My son called me freaking out because my daughter who has a history of intestinal issues was crying and screaming in pain. I rushed home as fast as I could in evening traffic and helped her out (don’t worry, she’s fine. Probably a painful but non-threatening gas bubble) and tried to get people started with homework and make dinner and feed the toddler a snack. Right in the middle of simultaneously making homemade pizza crust, helping one daughter with long division and the other with a spelling test, the toddler started gagging on the snack, puking on the floor and in my hand (again, he’s fine. He just has a strong gag reflex).

From then on, I couldn’t handle a single thing that came at me.

The whining made me cringe, the long-winded explanations of T.V. shows made me hide my face and secretly roll my eyes (I’m a terrible mother!), and simple tasks like figuring out schedules with my teens absolutely exhausted me. Somehow I managed to get everyone taken care of, put to bed and the house cleaned up. And after a little down time I felt much more relaxed.

And now the kids are all at school and the house is quiet while the toddler sleeps. We’ll see how long that lasts today.


1 thought on “I Was Glad My Kids Went Back to School Until All Hell Broke Loose

  1. Glad it’s not just me! I had such a hard time getting back into the crazy schedule. I literally did not schedule one thing outside the house for an entire week after the kids went back because I felt like I just couldn’t handle it. We’re back to Crazytown now, though, and I’m used to it again.


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