My kids and their hair

My kids have hair issues.  J-Dub refuses to have his cut, J-Dog refuses to have his longer than half an inch, Princess’ is always in her face, and Preemie always has a ‘fro in the back.

J-Dub’s hair at it’s longest. he wanted to grow it until he was 12 (we told him he has to have it short when he has the priesthood) but it got scraggly so…
we chopped it.
J-Dog, on the other hand, asks for a shave every month.

Today I actually did my girls’ hair because we went to church.  I only do their hair when we go somewhere and even then I don’t always do it because it is a nightmare!  First you have to chase them down (Princess runs away from me any time I say, “Come here”) and wrestle them onto the floor.  Then you have to get them to sit still (ha!) so you can spray them with detangler until they start shivering.  This just to be able to get the brush to go through the knots in their hair.  Then you have to brush and brush and brush and brush and brush and all the while they are screaming, “OW IT HURTS IT HURTS!” Then just to keep their hair under control you have to put it up into one or more clips and/or pony holders while they are squirming (and in Preemie’s case, still screaming).  If you want to get fancy and do pigtails you have to part their hair in a straight line whilst they are whipping their heads back and forth.  After you’re done and you’ve gotten to wherever you are going, they have pulled out any clips or pony holders within reach.  When you get them out of their car seats the back of their hair is knotted and standing on end. So now their hair is in the same condition as it started in.  I don’t understand those people whose girls’ hair always looks gorgeous.  They have perfectly straight parts and beautiful bows still intact and no flyaways to speak of.  These people are an anomaly and need to be studied.

Even a clip can’t keep her hair out of her face.
It often looks even worse than this.

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  1. I only have two girls, no boys, but my girl’s hair is very much like your girls hair. I love hoods when we go out, or hats. It doesn’t matter if I manage to get it brushed before leaving home, our Little One will have a rats nest by the time we get where we’re going.

  2. LOL, my daughter’s hair is the same way! I’ll clip it out of her face and a minute later, it’s slipping down! Even braids don’t stay in for very long; what’s a mama to do? 😉


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