Summer Breakdown



Ahhh, Summer Break.  That time in which you try to cram in all the stuff you didn’t have time for during the school year.  I know WE have a busy, exciting, action-packed, fun-filled summer planned.  At the beginning of July we’ll be gone for 9 days straight camping in El Capitan and then Big Bear, but J-Dog has Junior Christian camp during the Big Bear trip.  In the middle of July my sister is coming to visit, which will probably include trips to the beach and an amusement park.  Then at the end of July we’re going on a 5-day backpacking trip.  In August Hubby goes back to work, J-Dub has Scout Camp and school starts for the kids on the 20th, so that month will involve a lot of last-minute preparations for the upcoming school year.  Including, but not limited to: clothes shopping (if we can afford it), working with Princess on her letters, and numbers and writing her name (yeah, we’re a little behind on that), and practicing multiplication tables with J-Dog.  That just leaves a week and a half in June in which to have swimming lessons, a beach trip, the library, and possible sleepovers, playdates, and lake trips.

The kids haven’t even been out of school for one week and already things are getting hectic.  Even more than during the school year.  Almost every morning I get up at 5:20 (OK, let’s be honest, it’s more like 5:55) to run with a friend.  Let’s keep in mind, by the way, that I am the woman who struggles to get up by 7:20 during the school year.  Yes, marathon training is that important to me.   This run is then followed by showering, eating, and rushing the kids to swimming lessons.  After that we have lunch, nap and preschool worksheets for the girls.  Then dinner, and then there’s something going on pretty much every night.  So much for Summer “Vacation” or “Break”.  It’s definitely a misnomer.  Kind of like “Stay-at-home Mom”.   Very few Homemakers stay home much.  And even my friend who has no drivers license and who stays at home all day every day is going insane with busy-ness.  She homeschools her 3 kids and cooks and bakes and organizes and disinfects until she’s blue in the face.  “Stay-at-home” just doesn’t seem to cover it.  But I digress.

My “Summer Break” is fast becoming a “Summer Breakdown”.  All of the fun and excitement is being punctuated with increasing amounts of screaming, fighting, whining, complaining, teasing and crying.  If it continues, I’m going to do some yelling.  Or more accurately: do some MORE yelling.  I usually try not to yell at my kids.  But today alone I’ve already yelled about the aforementioned screaming, fighting, whining and teasing; in addition to  gently reminding  scolding  raising my voice  yelling at J-Dub for telling me NOW that he’s been holding onto a library book for the past YEAR!  I  calmly  rationally  heatedly  furiously told him that he will pay for it himself.  I have enough of my own late fees as it is.

Apparently my kids and I can’t handle a few fun activities without completely losing it.  Maybe we’re tired.  Maybe we’re stressed.  But I guess we’re just going to have to suck it up and keep going because we’ve still got 8 1/2 weeks left.

But who’s counting?


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