The Top 10 reasons Why I AM a Real Runner


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My blog post, The Top 10 Reasons Why I’m Not a “Real” Runner, was a real downer.  On the upside, I do consider myself a “real” runner, and here are the Top 10 reasons why (hey, I like top 10 lists!):

10. I have a freaking hydration belt for super long runs, so there!

9. My friends say so, what now?

8. I research training plans.

7. I get up at 5:30 almost every Saturday morning to run.  Yuck.

6. I also run other days.  Of course.

5. I ran 3 miles  in the 37-degree driving rain!  I am SO hardcore!

4. I’ve finished two half-marathons.

3. I’m training for a full marathon in November.  Ok, maybe I’m all-the-way crazy.


2. I like to run!  That’s what it’s all about.

And the #1 reason I’m a real runner:

I care. “If you care if people think of you as a runner and not a jogger, than you are a runner.  No matter how slow you go.”  OK, I don’t even know if that’s exactly what it said or where I read it.  But whatever it was, that’s the impression it left on my brain.  So just go with it.  I am!

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