A Mediocre Day for a Mediocre Mom

What’s up with the “blah” day?  There are horrible days in which everything goes wrong and you just hope for everyone’s sake that it doesn’t get any worse.  And then there are the fine days where things are…well…fine.  Then every once in a while you have a great day: the family vacation wherein everything goes right and everyone is happy and healthy, the productive day when you get done everything you wanted to (I’m sure that has happened to someone before), or the day where you just happen to feel good.  But lately I’ve been having a lot of blah days where nothing in particular is going wrong, at least nothing out of the ordinary, but I’m just not feelin’ it.

Yesterday was one of those days.

The good things:

No one died, got sick or injured.

The weather was nice.

I felt proud that I made dinner/exercised/ate right/read to the girls/showered (eventually, like at 9 pm)/cleaned a little (very little)/blogged.

I didn’t have to take the boys to football practice.

I watched Lie to Me with Hubby, I love that show!

The bad things:

I felt guilty for sleeping too much/making the girls stay in the their rooms too long for nap time while I was sleeping/was late to the kids’ swimming lessons/made the boys’ ride to practice late by sleeping too long and not reminding them to get ready/forgot about a service I was supposed to do and bailed on the other ladies doing it

Hubby wasn’t home until late

All in all a pretty good day, I guess.  The “goods” outweigh the “bads.”  But I just felt so…eh.  Probably because the guilt overtakes any pride I had in my so-called accomplishments.  What to do for a day like that?  I suppose make the next day better.  I vow not to nap today.  Because when I do, I nap for way too long.  I can’t do the 20 minute power nap.  For one thing it takes me that long just to fall asleep, no matter how tired I am, but then I crash for 5 hours and have really stressful dreams about showering and getting ready, Hubby wanting to divorce me, me having an affair on him, or someone trying to kill me.

So why do we have blah days?  I understand having bad days that make us really appreciate the good days.  But why the mediocre day that just leaves you feeling like you can’t end the day until something good happens?  Maybe the trick is to see the good in those days and try to MAKE them good days.  I’ll try that today: I WILL be responsible and productive (I hope)!


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