Carrie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds are the first celebrity Deaths I’ve Ever Cared About

Carrie fisher and her mother, Debbie Reynolds, both died one day apart.


Photo Credit: Classic Film

I hate to say it but I’ve never really cared much about the death of a celebrity past the initial, Oh wow, really? That’s too bad. before moving on with my day and not giving another thought about it. Maybe it’s because no celebrity had passed away that I was ever a big fan of. Maybe I’ve just never been much of a fangirl anyway. Maybe I’m a heartless ice witch. Whatever it is, with all the celebrity deaths this year that have people lamenting, “what is happening???” “2016 is THE WORST!!!” and starting a GoFundMe page to keep Betty White alive until the new year (btw isn’t it a little insulting to assume she’s on the brink of death and the obvious next in line to die any minute?) I find myself thinking, Who cares? People die. It’s not like we even know these people. 

But then Carrie Fisher died and I was actually sad. And then when her mother, Debbie Reynolds died just a day later I was doubly sad.

They were two ladies that I had always been equally fascinated by. Their beauty. Their grace. Their confidence, poise, and talent. I loved Carrie fisher’s supremely feminine yet totally badass Princess Leia from Star Wars. Likewise I was enraptured by Debbie Reynolds’s sweet, adorable Kathy Seldon in Singin’ in the Rain. When I learned they were mother and daughter I loved them even more.

And more than just loving Carrie Fisher as a celebrity, I loved her as a person.

She was so real. So relatable. So open and honest about addiction, relationships, and mental health. Years ago I read her memoir, Wishful Drinking, and I felt like I got to know her a little bit. That may be why I reacted with emotion to the news of her death. That and the fact that she was only 60. I’ve always craved seeing more of her in shows and movies and now I can’t. For the first time a celebrity death feels like a loss to me. 

Seeing that her mother died the very next day makes me feel like I know her a little better too.

Debbie Reynolds obviously loved her daughter very much. What a sweet thing to see, even though it’s sad that she’s gone.

Maybe the bottom line is that we are sad when we lose something.  

When someone we feel we know or who provided something for us is gone. Both Carrie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds provided confident and beautiful women to look up to. They provided talent to appreciate and entertainment to escape from the realities of life. They were important in this world and they will be sorely missed.  Even by me.



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