31 Actually Cheap and Easy Halloween Costume Ideas for the Truly Lazy

  Easy is a priority for me. OK, it’s THE priority for me. Every single year around October 30th I do an online search for cheap/easy/DIY/no-sew/last-minute Halloween costume ideas. And every year I ditch those ideas for something even easier. I swear most headlines […]

How I Met Your Father

Kids, I’m going to tell you an incredible story, the story of how I met your father…

Valentine’s at all (or no) Costs!

Let me clear something up for you, Gents.  If you have (and intend to keep) a significant other, you WILL celebrate Valentine’s Day. Every year.  No matter what.  Absolutely no exceptions. There are no valid excuses.  Not even: A) She says […]

Why wait?

During my freshman year of college I was excited to get married and eager to have kids. But I wanted to go on a mission and graduate from college first. The only question for me was, “When?” Do I graduate […]

Happy Hubby-Better-Get-it-Right Day!

Ah, Mother’s Day.  The day on which husbands are expected to step up, or rather, go above and beyond anything they’ve ever done before, to make this Mom’s most special day ever. And if he doesn’t….well, he’d just better. Last […]

My Husband is Better Than Yours

I’m sitting here at Barnes and Noble sipping a Double Choclatey Chip Frappuccino, munching on “Belly Flops” (the reject Jelly Bellies they sell at the 99 Cent Store), and smelling the intoxicating smell of coffee and books.  No kids. No […]

The V-Day dilemma

A lot of people are either completely opposed to the idea of Valentine’s day or couldn’t really care less one way or the other.  Some say that it’s a useless holiday created by the greeting card companies to take our […]

The Bed-Making Conspiracy

I’ve heard of these.  I know they exist.  I’ve seen them on TV, in catalogs, at department stores, and online.  I even have a couple of friends who have several of  these.  But they can’t possibly be as common as […]

Day old waffles

Last night I didn’t feel like cooking and it was getting late so Hubby suggested leftovers.  I usually like leftovers.  I don’t mind pizza from the night before, a day old casserole, or soup from a couple of nights ago. […]