The 90’s are Back and I’m Totally Buggin’

Apparently the 90’s are back in full force. It felt like a time warp when I dropped my son off at the high school today. First I saw a girl in a short, black, high-waisted skirt with a crop top and choker and […]

31 Actually Cheap and Easy Halloween Costume Ideas for the Truly Lazy

  Easy is a priority for me. OK, it’s THE priority for me. Every single year around October 30th I do an online search for cheap/easy/DIY/no-sew/last-minute Halloween costume ideas. And every year I ditch those ideas for something even easier. I swear most headlines […]

Adults These Days: A Post About Pokemon Go and Hypocrisy

Up until about 3 weeks ago, I would roll my eyes whenever I saw someone standing still facing a blank wall looking at their phone. I’d think, Are they just lamely staring at nothing? Oh no, it’s worse, they’re playing Pokemon […]

Teenage Wisdom

I was terrified to raise teenagers. The knowledge that my kids would grow up to be teens someday scared the crap out of me and it’s a thought I stressed about.  A lot. What I remember from being a teenager […]

The Guiltiest Place on Earth

I walked into “The Happiest Place on Earth” with high expectations: confident and hopeful that I would have a fun-filled day of…well…fun!  But I left feeling an overwhelming sense of guilt.  Also, I almost cried.  For the record we did have […]