My Sabbath Keeps Changing and I’m Fine With That

  Before I had kids I spent a lot of effort making Sundays special. I wore my church dress all day, I didn’t watch TV and I only read gospel-themed books. I was a young adult with a still-kind-of-new personal testimony of […]

Glorious October

  Just that word makes me feel all relaxed and cozy. Right now I’m sitting by an open window where there’s a chill breeze wafting about and it’s absolutely hea-ven-ly. Especially since it has still been 90 degrees every day. But it cools […]

I Can’t Pay Attention to all of #LDSConf But I Love it Anyway

If you have many friends who are LDS (Mormon) you may have seen social media inundated with General Conference quotes, memes, and impressions this weekend. I know I have, but that makes sense since being Mormon I tend to know a lot of other […]


Today I came across this Facebook post from last year: “While I’m at it with all my irritable rants: if you work in the mental health field, UNDERSTAND MENTAL HEALTH!!! My psychiatrist is great but one of her nurses was all […]

5 Reasons to Take a Break Already

Moms need to be less selfish. We selfishly worry about being THE BEST at everything. We have to be the BEST mom that makes the BEST Bento Box lunches and snaps the BEST Instagram photos of the BEST Pinterest parties for our BEST dressed, BEST behaved kids […]

"I’m OK, You’re OK"

Today I went for a walk with some adorable ladies from my church. It was foggy and chilly at first but then the sun broke through and it warmed up. We walked pushing strollers while kids ran around and chased bunnies […]

Letter to Myself

  It’s very therapeutic to write.  Especially to write a letter to oneself.  And to read it 1, 2, or 6 1/2 years later is so eye-opening. I recently found this draft of a blog post unfinished.  I think I started it […]


  My head is too small. My face is too shiny. My stomach is too jiggly. My laugh is too loud. My chin is too…double. My nostrils look like big feet. I sleep too much. I eat WAY too much. […]

The Woman Who Believed in Me

The first person I can remember ever really believing in me is my mom.  As a kid I had hated her oft-used phrase “You can do hard things.”  She would say it every time I wanted help with something or […]