"All These Things Shall be Added unto You"

Dude, I knew I hadn’t blogged in a really long time, but I didn’t realize it had been over a year.  That makes me so sad.  I love blogging and I’ve thought of several topics but I never seem to […]

Happy(?) Halloween!

I really love Halloween. Not only is it the start of “The Holidays” but it’s also my youngest sister’s birthday, (insert happy birthday shout-out here)! As far as I know, I have never NOT dressed up for Halloween and gone […]

Run to the Store "Real Quick"? Ha Ha…No.

My first mistake was wanting to run to the store “real quick” while the boys were at football practice.  My second mistake was thinking that my kids would be OK with it.  Nevertheless, me being naive and all, and really, […]

Who Needs a Freaking Visor-Beanie Anyway?

I hate it when I can’t do something.  And there are so many “somethings” that I can’t do!  There are a plethora of languages I don’t speak, multiple scientific and mathematical principles I don’t get, so many vocational skills I […]

"Selfish Reasons to Have More Kids"

I love love love babies and kids and have always wanted to be a mother.  In college at BYU my roommate said that I should major in “kids,” and I SO wished that was possible.  Everyday my freshman year I […]

“A Pox on Both Your Houses.”

We bought our first house in 2004, somewhere in the middle of that notorious housing bubble.  It was by no means at the height of the bubble, thank goodness, but it doesn’t matter much, we’re still upside down on our […]

Is Going Out in Public Worth it?

A few days ago I took the girls to a place called Jump Zone that has bounce houses and bouncy slides to play on.  They had a total blast and it was tons of fun.  I love places where the kids […]

Smile, Chuckle, and Walk Away

Ever since I’ve had children people have been butting into my business, even strangers.  We all get the occasional unwelcome advice from an in-law.  But somehow having children makes you and your kids open game for criticism.  Even though I […]

The Bed-Making Conspiracy

I’ve heard of these.  I know they exist.  I’ve seen them on TV, in catalogs, at department stores, and online.  I even have a couple of friends who have several of  these.  But they can’t possibly be as common as […]