Momming is Harrrrrd

Dude. Momming is soooo harrrrrd. I mean, right? Sometimes we don’t want to admit it for fear of sounding too complain-y. I know I sound like a broken record saying “Today was really rough” every single day. But let’s be […]

150 Years Ago I Could Have Had 15 Kids

When I first got married I wanted kids right away. And I wanted 15 of them. I love kids and I love big families. 15 seemed both outrageous and theoretically possible. Biologically, anyway. Plus, that was more than I’d ever […]


Today I came across this Facebook post from last year: “While I’m at it with all my irritable rants: if you work in the mental health field, UNDERSTAND MENTAL HEALTH!!! My psychiatrist is great but one of her nurses was all […]

Adults These Days: A Post About Pokemon Go and Hypocrisy

Up until about 3 weeks ago, I would roll my eyes whenever I saw someone standing still facing a blank wall looking at their phone. I’d think, Are they just lamely staring at nothing? Oh no, it’s worse, they’re playing Pokemon […]

Fat Girls Can’t

Fat girls can’t run marathons. Fat girls can’t backpack. They can’t rock climb. They can’t hike. They can’t ride roller coasters.  Heck, fat girls can’t even snorkel. Except that I have. I’ve done all those things while being quite overweight. […]

"Mormon in America"

I just watched “Mormon in America” on YouTube last week and started to write some quick thoughts about it (because I developed more than a few very strong opinions about it) in a Facebook post, but it became ridiculously long.  […]

"How Rude!"

Some people have absolutely no thought for others around them. For example: People who drive slower than the flow of traffic in the left lane on the freeway.  PULL OVER! People who don’t pull forward at a red light when […]

If You Meet More Than One Jerk in a Day…

I once heard someone say that if you meet more than one jerk (He actually said A**hole)  in one day, maybe you’re the jerk.  I think about this whenever I have days abundantly filled with jerks. This happens when you […]

Facebook Faux Pas

The following is a list of things I see on Facebook that are funny, irritating, or just plain sad.  This is not meant to offend anyone, although it probably will, seeing as many of my friends are “guilty” of such […]