My little reminder today in church that even though I’m out in the hall with a toddler running wild, He is just glad we’re there. Seriously, I can just imagine The Savior looking down on BB (and me) and thinking, “I don’t […]

My Sabbath Keeps Changing and I’m Fine With That

  Before I had kids I spent a lot of effort making Sundays special. I wore my church dress all day, I didn’t watch TV and I only read gospel-themed books. I was a young adult with a still-kind-of-new personal testimony of […]


Even in our trials we can experience joy and peace. -Robert D. Hales As a parent it feels like:

I Can’t Pay Attention to all of #LDSConf But I Love it Anyway

If you have many friends who are LDS (Mormon) you may have seen social media inundated with General Conference quotes, memes, and impressions this weekend. I know I have, but that makes sense since being Mormon I tend to know a lot of other […]

"An Enigma of Contradictions"

I recently wrote about how life is messy, and one thing I’ve noticed lately is that it’s especially true of people.  All people.  You, me, your kids, my grandparents, famous people, poor people, pretty people, weird people, and the entire […]

"Real Life is…Messy"

  I was surprised to hear a very profound statement while my kids were watching  Zootopia recently: “Real life…is messy.” I thought, wow, truer words have never been spoken.  I’m realizing this more and more every day, lately. There are the obvious messes […]

"You’ll see Him in Heaven!"

There are some things you should probably know about me. 1) I have a slightly dark sense of humor. OK, a REALLY dark sense of humor.  But not all the time.  Just like, 15-20% of the time.  Maybe 25.  But […]

"I’m OK, You’re OK"

Today I went for a walk with some adorable ladies from my church. It was foggy and chilly at first but then the sun broke through and it warmed up. We walked pushing strollers while kids ran around and chased bunnies […]

God, Legitly our Father

Today I was feeding my 3 month old baby a bottle.  He was hungry, and he was downing it. But I stopped him halfway through to burp him because he has a tendency to get gassy, Like, screaming in pain, […]

"All These Things Shall be Added unto You"

Dude, I knew I hadn’t blogged in a really long time, but I didn’t realize it had been over a year.  That makes me so sad.  I love blogging and I’ve thought of several topics but I never seem to […]

"Mormon in America"

I just watched “Mormon in America” on YouTube last week and started to write some quick thoughts about it (because I developed more than a few very strong opinions about it) in a Facebook post, but it became ridiculously long.  […]