Changing my Mind

Sometimes I change my mind.  I’m human, after all, and in case you didn’t know yet, I’m not perfect (shhh, don’t tell anyone).  Besides, I’m a woman and that’s our prerogative: to change our minds and moods insessantly and drive our husbands crazy while they try to follow our fleeting whims. Right? Right??

But to be honest, I often have an opinion about something, but learn new information later that causes me to rethink that position.  I guess I could avoid a lot of embarrassment or be more efficient if I waited until I had researched the topic better before forming an opinion.  But what fun would that be?  I’d never have an opinion about anything. I don’t think it’s even possible to know everything about a topic.  So really our opinions must always be changing and evolving.  Which is why I don’t get people who seemingly never change their minds.  Some people are probably afriad to admit that they are wrong and so just go on pretending that they are right. Still others must actually think that they are always right and have no need for correction at any time.

Recently I have changed my mind about diet soda.  I wrote a blog post about the Pros of diet soda and I still believe the pros I discussed, but have changed my mind about drinking a Big Gulp or two every day.  I was reminded by a friend of some information I had read before.  This information convinced me that diet soda might have been thwarting my weight-loss efforts.  So I reluctantly gave up my big gulps.  No word on if this is helping me at all, but we’ll see.

I am also in the process of changing my mind about movies that are rated “R”.  I was always taught that Mormons aren’t supposed to watch rated “R” movies, but has that actually been stated by a prophet?  I’m not so sure.  If so, I’m open to changing my mind back.  But after listening to Dennis Prager  talk on the subject, (he’s by no means a prophet, but he is my favorite talk show host and one who I think has a lot of wisdom) I’ve come to the opinion that there are important and morally uplifting movies that are rated “R” that would be of benefit to watch, even for teenagers.  Whereas we all know of raunchy “PG-13” movies that should never be seen by anyone.

Sometimes I am very firm in my opinions because I have done what I think is sufficient research and am not to be dissuaded. However that isn’t always the case and it irritates me when some people won’t ever let their minds be changed just because they like being right.  It’s not a shame to change an opinion, its just human.

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  1. A General Authority states: “‘Again I say, leave it alone. Turn it off, walk away from it, burn it, erase it, destroy it. I know it is hard counsel we give when we say movies that are R-rated, and many with PG-13 ratings, are produced by satanic influences. Our standards should not be dictated by the rating system. I repeat, because of what they really represent, these types of movies, music, tapes, etc. serve the purposes of the author of all darkness.’ (H. Burke Peterson, “Touch Not the Evil Gift, nor the Unclean Thing,” Ensign, Nov. 1993, 42)

    Here are the words of Elder Joe J. Christensen: “It is a concern that some of our young Latter-day Saints, as well as their parents, regularly watch R-rated and other inappropriate movies and videos. One more reason why the ‘devil laugheth, and his angels rejoice’ (3 Ne. 9:2)” (Gen. Conf. Oct. 1996).

    President Ezra Taft Benson, “We counsel you, young men, not to pollute your minds with such degrading matter, for the mind through which this filth passes is never the same afterwards. Don’t see R-rated movies or vulgar videos or participate in any entertainment that is immoral, suggestive, or pornographic. Don’t listen to music that is degrading” (Ensign, May 1986, p 43).

    Here is some food for thought to help you in your decision making process. Good luck with that. I don’t think you are the only one trying to come to some peaceful conclusion about this issue.

  2. I change my mind a lot too. I agree that we should all be a little more open minded to changing our minds. I’ve been known to make my hubby turn the car around so we could go home for me to change my shoes. And he actually does it! lol. I’ve also been known to change my mind about what I want to eat halfway through cooking it. There are some more serious topics I wont go into because people love to argue the more controversial things, but suffice it to say I learned my lesson the hard way about judging other peoples decisions! lol. Good luck to you on your quest for mind making uppedness.


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