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Do you feel frazzled and guilt-ridden?

I do. All the dang time. I always feel so exhausted that I simply cannot do even one single thing more. I have 10,827 things that desperately need to get done, and no matter how hard I try, I know I’ll never accomplish them all. This knowledge sends me into a frenzy in which I attempt to do 189 of the least important things and end up in an anxiety-induced stupor that involves junk food I don’t even like and a T.V. show I don’t want to watch.

Then the self-hatred starts in. I know that if I just tried a little harder I could accomplish 243 things and still fall woefully short, but that it would at least be better than lying comatose and indulging in a Netflix and Tootsie Roll binge.

If you relate to this in the slightest, then maybe you’ll benefit from this Daily Survival Checklist to keep Frazzled and Guilt-ridden Moms Calm, Collected and Confident.

I realized that there were 6 essential things I needed to be doing every single day to have my day go more smoothly and to feel better about myself. The cool thing is that on days that I do these 6 things I find myself being a lot more productive and getting other important things done too. I want to share these 6 things with you in a handy-dandy little printable you can print and stick in your planner or on your fridge, or save to your phone. It’s a nice little reminder of the things you can make time for every day that will keep you calm, collected and confident.
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