Glorious October



Just that word makes me feel all relaxed and cozy.

Right now I’m sitting by an open window where there’s a chill breeze wafting about and it’s absolutely hea-ven-ly. Especially since it has still been 90 degrees every day. But it cools down at night and the leaves have been changing and the orange decorations are up and I’m craving pumpkin and hazelnut and sweaters and smells.

Oh my gosh the smells.

J-Dog had to literally pull me away from the candle section at the store the other day. We were totally in a hurry, but oh my flippin’ goodness, there were pumpkin-scented candles.

I was thinking though, why is fall everyone’s favorite season when Christmas is usually everyone’s favorite holiday? You know; The snow, the peppermint, the presents, The Nativity, the lights, the music; I could go on forever about Christmas. But there’s something incredibly exciting about the buildup to Christmas that starts all the way back in October.

ghost1.jpgIn the hot, sunny summer, Christmas is the furthest thing from our minds. But when things start changing, and the air gets cooler, and the leaves get prettier, and the smells get bakier, and we know that the holidays are right around the corner, we get positively giddy. Because it’s different than the past 4 months of sweltering heat, but also because it’s almost Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years, all just packed in there to make the end of the year abso-frickin-lutely scrumptious.

We enjoy looking forward to something even more than the actual something. Kind of like how no one says, “Thank goodness it’s Saturday.” even though we’ve all been waiting for the weekend. No, it’s the day prior to the weekend that we get excited about. Last Friday I totally said, “I love Fridays!” But then I realized  Dude, they are exactly the same as all the other days I have to drive the kids to school. But anticipating the weekend is what’s so much fun.

This week it’s supposed to get down to the low 50’s at night, which I’m soooo happy about. The next week is supposed to top off at 88 degrees, but at least it’s not 100 anymore, and hopefully this means 100 will be gone for a looong time. We’ve even had some really awesome clouds lately (a rarity around here) which makes the fall even more glorious. Hooray for clouds and chills and smells! And hooray for glorious October!





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