If you text or go on Facebook, (and who doesn’t, right?) you know the typical acronyms people use. R U (Are you?), Y (Why?), BRB (Be right back), BTW (By the way…), LOL (Laughing out loud), and ROFL ( Rolling on the floor laughing).  Then there are a few that us Mormons like to modify to be “Mormon Swears” such as, OMG (Oh my gosh), WTF (What the freak), LMBO (Laughing my but off), LMFBO (Laughing my freaking butt off) and I’ve even seen ROFLMFBO (Rolling on the floor laughing my freaking butt off).  Wow.  That’s intense laughter.  Personally, I like GOL (Guffawing out loud)  It’s shorter than ROFLMFBO, but still gets the point accross.

My brother-in-law had some good ideas.  He said, “I like LMAO [the more liberal version of LMBO] and ROFL, but maybe there should be acronyms for more varying levels of humor…CUMB (‘chuckling under my breath’), BSTMF (‘brought a smile to my face’), or GYACLETYRNTFAYDEAFBSU (‘giving you a courtesy laugh even though you’re really not that funny and you’d do everyone a favor by shutting up’). That last one could come in really handy.”

Totally, man.

Some other acronyms that aren’t as widely known are:  IGTAL (I gotta take a leak), IJFAIS (I just farted and it stinks), IAEAPOT (I am eating a piece of toast), IHBPFF32.5HS (I have been playing Farmville for 32.5 hours straight), or IABUWYJINYIMIJNRFSAWAYABIMTAHIRSH (I am breaking up with you, John. It’s not you, it’s me.  I’m just not ready for someone as wonderful as you.  And besides, I met Tim, and he is really super hot).  If you wanted to be tacky you could just say IO (It’s over), after all it’s shorter and we are going for shorter here, aren’t we?  In fact, everything we text or type on Facebook should be shortened into acronyms and people can just guess what it means.  Like: HMIHTTYIAISIGTSPOYAYFOFBWACLBYHHOIHNHGSBYMBSPTAIADFWLIMNIGTBCTFEADSWKITLY<3<3<3<3 (Hi Mary, I haven’t talked to you in awhile.  It sure is good to see pictures of you and your family on facebook, what a cute little boy you have! How old is he now?  He’s getting so big! You must be so proud.  Trevor and I are doing fine, we live in Mississippi now.  It’s good to be close to family.  Especially after Dad’s stroke.  Well, keep in touch, love you! <3 <3 <3 <3).

BTW those <3’s are hearts, LOL! But OMG, everyone knows that.   Well, since IGTAL, I’ll BRB!



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