"How Rude!"


Some people have absolutely no thought for others around them.

For example:

People who drive slower than the flow of traffic in the left lane on the freeway.  PULL OVER!

People who don’t pull forward at a red light when the traffic is backed up, to make room for more cars to fit behind them without blocking cross traffic.  PULL FORWARD!

People who drive dangerously slow, even in the right lane.  HURRY UP!

People who drive 30 miles an hour on a two-lane highway where the speed limit is 55.  Until you get to a passing lane.  Then they speed up to 70 so that you can’t get around them.  And THEN when it goes back to two lanes, they go back to 30.  INFURIATING!  And yes, I do encounter this often.  Every time I go to Target/Costco/the Dr./the dentist/Barnes & Noble/etc.

People who don’t pull over into a turn-out on a two-lane Highway when there are 15 cars behind them….wait a minute, this rant is starting to sound familiar.  Oh yeah, I posted about this awhile ago in, “Is it Asians, Women, Old People or Cell Phones?”  Yeah, I guess slow drivers are my (OK, one of my many) pet peeve(s).


And these same Rude People are everywhere, not just the highway.  Sometimes they even go to the grocery store to stock up on provisions.

When they do they:

Stand in the middle of the grocery store aisle, when they KNOW someone is bound to come through, and act surprised when you are standing behind them waiting for them to move.  Trust me, it happens more than it should.

I even encountered one lady who stood in the middle of the aisle staring me down as I tried to squeeze past her, as if she was daring me to go down HER aisle.  I thought Oh yeah. Blog entry! I should have snapped a picture of her with my phone and added it for proof.

The aforementioned Rude People use public bathrooms as well:


You can tell they are the same people who drive rudely and grocery shop rudely because they disobey all laws of public restroom etiquette.

Public bathrooms are gross enough as it is without people:

Failing to flush their pee (or worse) down the toilet.  If it doesn’t go down automatically, PUSH THE BUTTON!

Peeing on the seat without wiping it up.

Or leaving their nasty seat covers still on the seat so that you have to try to shove it in with your foot, which is impossible if they’re half wet with urine and stuck to the seat, as they usually are.

What is WITH some people?! Why would they DO that?  Have they no decency?  Don’t they care about the other people around them?  As the eloquent orator Stephanie Tanner would verbalize it: “How Rude!”

So tell me, what are YOUR Rude People complaints?


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