I <3 FB

I love Facebook. I am a total addict.  I probably check it 20 times a day.  And that might not be an exaggeration.  I love keeping up with my friends, and since I’m not good at phone calls and e-mails, Facebook is just right for me.

I hear a lot of people talk about Facebook with disdain.  “It’s too impersonal.” “It’s superficial communication.” “Whatever happened to writing a good old-fashioned letter?” I say, all types of communication have their place.  But don’t knock Facebook as one of them.

“It’s too impersonal.”

It’s more personal than not communicating at all, which for me is the alternative.  I am simply too lazy to write a letter or an e-mail and I hate phone calls.  I am embarrassed to call people on the phone for any reason.  Whether it’s asking a store what their hours are or chatting with a friend, I hate it.  It males me nervous even to call someone and let them know what time something is.  But with Facebook, I can see what people are up to, and let them know what I am up to without actually having to talk to them.  Besides, who wants to call someone long-distance only to have awkward silences while you think of “what else is going on lately”.

“It’s superficial communication.”

Sometimes superficial communication is desirable.  I love my friends dearly, but just because I want to know how they are doing, doesn’t mean I want to hear them complain for an hour.  I’d rather just read a one or two sentence “status” that tells me they had a bad day, to which I can reply, “aw.”  and move on with my day.  On the flip side, if you are feeling like getting into something deep or personal with a friend you can always send them a “message” which can be any length and isn’t able to be viewed by others if you so desire.  You can even “chat” with them in real time if you want an easy way to dialogue.  And with that you don’t have to worry about those awkward silences.  If you don’t know what to say you can always pretend you went to the bathroom while you think of something.

“What ever happened to writing a good old-fashioned letter?”

A what?  Oh yeah, that thing that actually COSTS you money to send.  Not to mention the fact that if you live in the boondocks like me you have to drive to the post office to send it…and wait a week for a reply…and get hand cramps trying to write a response.  And does anyone even have decipherable handwriting anyway?  Not me.  Neither does my grandma who, for the record, does still send letters.  But I just check for money and then throw the rest away.  Just kidding!!!  I’m not THAT heartless.

Don’t get me wrong, letters have their place.  Year-end bragging letters, and the odd thank-you note (for those die-hards who still do that) for example.  But Facebook and other social networking sites are unparalled in their ability to foster quick and constant communication with those you care about (and even those you don’t care about but still want to see what became of their sorry butts after high school and then make fun of them to your other facebook friends behind their backs-don’t worry, if you are reading this it’s NOT YOU).  And if you aren’t on Facebook yet, give it a try.  You’ll be able to connect with people you haven’t been able to locate until now.  And the beauty of it is, that you don’t have to talk to them if you don’t want to.  You can sneak onto their profile to see what’s become of them and then hide them so that you never have to hear from them again!  It’s genius.

0 thoughts on “I <3 FB

  1. Hahaaaa!!! Oh, so true. I just FB’d this as a matter of fact! I love your frank descriptions and the way you debated each point so well. As usual, I LOVE. 🙂 Hope all is well… (but if not? Just throw a couple sentences up on your status and then I’ll say “aw” and move on.) Muahahaha! (j/k but it IS hilarious!) Love you girl.

  2. I’m totally with you! I’ve moved around so many times, if I tried to call or write everyone that I’ve ever been friends with that is all I would get done. Facebook allows me to reach lots of people at once, and check in a lot of people at once, and send personal messages when necessary, or when I feel prompted.


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