I Can’t Pay Attention to all of #LDSConf But I Love it Anyway

A favorite quote from the women’s session

If you have many friends who are LDS (Mormon) you may have seen social media inundated with General Conference quotes, memes, and impressions this weekend. I know I have, but that makes sense since being Mormon I tend to know a lot of other Mormons. If you are annoyed by the constant barrage of #LDSConf then #sorrynotsorry. I personally love it.


Every first weekend in October and April The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints does a worldwide conference where  the Prophet, apostles, and other general authorities and auxiliary presidencies speak. There are 4 general sessions that are 2 hours each with additional sessions specific to men and women.  It sounds boring.  And I’ll admit, with ADHD and 5 kids I have a hard time paying attention the whole time.  But it’s still amazing.

LDSConf notes.JPGI watch all 4 main sessions on YouTube sitting on the couch (often in my pajamas) or listening while I putter around the house. It helps me concentrate if I take notes, but it’s hard not to answer every thought of did I tell Hubby that/enter that in the budget/put that on the grocery list with a distracted oh yeah, I’d better do that immediately. But just having conference on in the background brings a different spirit into our home than say, Guitar Hero (happening as I type). And whenever I do redirect my focus and just soak it in, I end up fervently scribbling notes in an attempt to remember everything that was said because it’s ALL SO GOOD! It’s basically the uplift you get at church on steroids. The messages are the same basics about the gospel we hear all the time, but at the same time are timely and have fresh meaning when they’re said in a different way and you think about them from the perspective of what you are going through now.

I’m trying to get better at listening to the impressions I get from the Spirit and not focusing on accuracy in writing because that’s the whole point of it anyway, and you can read/watch/listen anytime later on lds.org if you want to remember what was said.  I’m fascinated by the fact that I can listen to conferences from years ago over and over again and get something different from it, or have the same principle hit me again like a ton of bricks.  I guess when truths are shared they ring true no matter when, even if you can only pay attention a little bit at a time.




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