Instant Uppers

I have discovered a few things lately that really make me just sooooo happy!  These aren’t the things that bring true joy and meaningfulness to my life, just things that perk up my mood.  My mood desperately needs perking up since I suffer from Anxiety, Depression and OCD.  I’m on medication for the serious, debilitating chemical issues, but for the down days and sour moments, these are like magic!

1. This song: Sleepyhead by: Passion Pit.  When I hear this song my mood instantly changes.  Don’t watch the video, just listen.  If you watch the video I’m pretty sure you will either pass out and have a seizure or be hypnotized and fed subliminal messages about going out and buying 16 cases of creamed corn or something.  That or you will just get dizzy.  But the song, oh the song!  It’s like a ray of sunshine through the fog that is my mentally ill brain!

2. DARK chocolate.  Not the semi-sweet kind (although that is actually my favorite flavor).  And not the 73 % cacao kind (gross).  My favorite pick-me-up chocolate is either the Lindt Intense Mint kind, or the Starbucks dark chocolate bar they sell at the register.  Yummylicious!  And again, my mood just turns around and my anxiety calms down like THAT!

3. Diet Dr. Pepper.  Delicious, zero-calorie, fuzzy, guilt-free, energy-boosting goodness. I love it.  Diet Coke is an adequate substitute.

4. Alright, here comes the sappiness: My husband rubbing my shoulder.  What a guy.  You just look at him and you know that he is amazing!

It’s a short list, and there may be more that I will come up with later.  There are definitely a lot of other things that I love and enjoy, but these few things really do turn my mood around right away and give me an instant good feeling.  So what’s your “instant upper”?

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  1. Usually reading my friends’ blogs. I can almost always count on a friend to help me feel better. Either with a funny story, an uplifting message, or a beautiful picture.


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