My half-birthday

February 17th was a momentous occasion for me.  It was my half-birthday.  But not just any half-birthday.  It was my 30 1/2 year old birthday.  I thought turning 30 was a milestone, but that’s because I hadn’t yet turned 30 1/2.  Not only am I six months older, wiser and more mature, but I am also more courageous.  Why, just today I made the calm and rational decision to go to a friend’s house, even though it was snowing really hard, and stay there for a few hours.  6 months ago I might have panicked and headed home right away, but the new and improved; calm, cool and collected Crystal decided to stay and guess what?  We made it home just fine later on.  Some might call this a lack in judgement, that my risky behavior shows that I shouldn’t be making those kinds of decisions until I’m at least 30 3/4.  But they’re just haters.

Since turning 30 1/2 I’ve learned a lot of things.  For example that I have 6 unmatching gloves in my underwear drawer.  Also that our friends’ water dispenser in their fridge no longer works.  Also that I like Kit-Kats better than Twix.  These are all things I didn’t know at the tender age of 30.

The frustrating thing is that one of my besties will always, no matter how many half-birthdays I have, be one day older than me.  That one day gives her such an edge.  She’s had one whole extra day on earth to grow, mature, and accomplish things.  I would be so much further ahead in life if I had just been born one day earlier.

But at least I’ve got another 1/2 of a year under my belt.  And hopefully by the time I’m 31 1/2 I’ll be able to report on how much more I’ve learned.

Me at 30
me at 30 1/2. Such a difference.

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  1. My Crystal is 30 and 1/2 already, no way. time flys so fast. Oh and on the decision to go to your friends house, I see that as daring and adventurous and you have been that way since you were 3 and1/2.


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