9 Things I Learned From My Kid’s Raging Fever

1 With 5 kids and countless illness between them, I will still never get used to them being sick. 2 I’ll be always grateful a fever is not vomit cuz that crap is way worse. 3 The old school bath […]

My Mediocre Attempt at a Pinterest Recipe

I hate making dinner. I don’t particularly like cooking anyway, but dinner especially is the all-time worst. I’d seriously rather just clean toilets. You spend an hour or two on meal prep, 15 minutes eating the dang thing, and then […]

The 90’s are Back and I’m Totally Buggin’

Apparently the 90’s are back in full force. It felt like a time warp when I dropped my son off at the high school today. First I saw a girl in a short, black, high-waisted skirt with a crop top and choker and […]


My little reminder today in church that even though I’m out in the hall with a toddler running wild, He is just glad we’re there. Seriously, I can just imagine The Savior looking down on BB (and me) and thinking, “I don’t […]

The Real Reason You’re More Lenient With Your Last Kid

Everyone knows you’re more lenient with your last kid. It’s a running joke with just about everyone everywhere that parents are incredibly strict and hover-y with their first kid and excessively permissive and hands-off with their last. There are articles about birth order, […]

My Sabbath Keeps Changing and I’m Fine With That

  Before I had kids I spent a lot of effort making Sundays special. I wore my church dress all day, I didn’t watch TV and I only read gospel-themed books. I was a young adult with a still-kind-of-new personal testimony of […]

I Really Am a Mean Mom

And I don’t just mean that in a my-kids-think-I’m-mean-because-I-discipline-them kind of way. And I’m not just mean because I have them make their own dang oatmeal thankyouverymuch. No, I’m actually mean because the other day I was busy doing something on […]


Even in our trials we can experience joy and peace. -Robert D. Hales As a parent it feels like:

Glorious October

  Just that word makes me feel all relaxed and cozy. Right now I’m sitting by an open window where there’s a chill breeze wafting about and it’s absolutely hea-ven-ly. Especially since it has still been 90 degrees every day. But it cools […]

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