Religion, Weight Loss and Fiction

I started to write a post about the three books I’ve read the most often (don’t ask me why) and then one of the post ideas was to write about the four most important books you’ve read.  I realized that out of the four books I find the most important, three of them are the ones I’ve read the most.  Which is good, if they are so important I should read them often.

For the record, I am only counting books that I have read all the way through.  The LDS church has four standard works of scripture: The Bible, The Book of Mormon, The Doctrine and Covenants, and The Pearl of Great Price.  Of course I think these are the most important books there are, but I have only read the Book of Mormon and the Pearl of Great Price all the way through, and the latter only once.  So, here is a list of the 3 books I’ve read the most, and aside from the other scriptures, deem the most important:

#1 The Book of Mormon


Joseph Smith (the prophet who we believe restored the true church of Jesus Christ) said that The Book of Mormon is “the most correct of any book on earth, and the keystone of our religion, and a man would get nearer to God by abiding by its precepts, than by any other book.”  As it says on Mormon .org: In addition to The Bible, “The Book of Mormon is another witness that Jesus Christ really lived, that He was and is God’s Son.”  It’s obviously a very big part of the Mormon religion, thus why people call us “Mormons.”  To me, personally, it is the clearest, most easy to read and doctrinally comprehensive book of scripture there is.  It has influenced my life in a positive way every time I have read from it’s pages, and I have read it more times than any other book.

#2 Outsmarting the Female Fat Cell-After Pregnancy

Again, Skipping the other scriptures because I haven’t really read them much, the #2 most important book/ book I’ve read the most often is this.  This book has helped me lose weight after many a baby, and is my guide during this, the most trying time I’ve ever had at losing weight.  I’ve read it several times and will continue reading it to keep reminding me of the things I need to do to be healthy.  Its guidelines are simple, make sense, and are flexible enough to lose weight at a healthy pace without wanting to give up completely.  Now, I just need to stick to those guidelines without cheating TOO much so that it can actually work for me again!

#3 Little Women

This is my very favorite work of fiction.  I have read it more than any other fictional story and it has influenced my life more than any other.  It’s brilliant in it’s “real”ness.  The lessons of overcoming our nature to become the best people we can be is powerfully illustrated through the lives of all the characters.  And the trials that Meg endures as a new wife and mother are so relatable that it makes me feel better about my own struggles.  The movie with Winona Ryder and Susan Sarandon used to be one of my favorites until I read the book.  Now, whenever I go to watch the movie I end up turning it off and reading the book again-It’s that good.

I think it’s interesting that one book is religious, one is self help/health and one is fiction.  Does that mean I’m well-rounded?  I hope so.  Although I don’t know that that’s true, since the majority of the books I read are adolescent fiction.  It’s really my favorite genre by far.  I have read so many other books (not all adolescent fiction) and have lots of other favorites, some more literary and/or more important than others.  But the three I listed are the ones I have read the most and consider to be the most important in my life.  And I think you should definitely give them a try (if you haven’t already)!  If you have, what do you think? And what are YOUR favorite/most read/most important books?  I can always use some new ideas!

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  1. I like your book picks. 😉 Can you believe I’ve never read Little Women? Unbelievable! I’m going to march myself into that Library tomorrow and get started. 😉 Ok here are my faves…leaving all religious books out because you already covered that for me. 😉 1) The Twilight Series (yes…Team Edward…Thank you very much. 😉 2) Christ Like Parenting (actually went through that book with a highlighter it’s so good), 3) The Proper Care and Feeding of Marriage ( I love, love, love all of Dr. Laura’s books).

    1. I loved the Twilight books. Literarily not hte best, but very entertaining. I love Jacob. At least HE has a personality! Anyway, I NEED to read Christ-like parenting. and are you talking about the proper care and feeding of husbands? or is there another book?

  2. Dr. Laura wrote both, The Proper Care and Feeding of Husbands, and The Proper Care and Feeding of Marriage. I recommend them both. They are great. 😉


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