Run to the Store "Real Quick"? Ha Ha…No.

My first mistake was wanting to run to the store “real quick” while the boys were at football practice.  My second mistake was thinking that my kids would be OK with it.  Nevertheless, me being naive and all, and really, really, really wanting to buy a juicer, I was determined.  When the girls woke up from their nap I declared that we were going to Target.  To my utter astonishment this was not met with shouts of jubilation.  Instead, Little Girl was disinterested at best, and Princess was a complete basket case.  She didn’t want to go (gasp!) and since I announced that we were going wethershelikesitornotthankyouverymuch she started screaming.  Like a banshee.  She wanted to pick out her own clothes (she had put on jammies during her nap), which I waited for her to do, but when she wouldn’t, I grabbed the clothes she had been wearing earlier and told her that I would change her in the car when we got to the store.  I carried her through the house, kicking and screaming, and forced her into her booster seat, and we were off.

Since I live in the mountains it takes about 20+ minutes to get to the nearest Target.  Not bad, but it’s not something you don’t want to do every day if you don’t have to.  The 5,000 foot elevation change alone is enough to suck your gas tank dry.  But like I said, I really wanted a juicer.

We finally got to Target and I spent about 45 minutes finding things I suddenly remembered I needed, putting them in my cart, telling the girls to stop touching things and whining, taking girls potty, telling the girls to stop touching things and whining, comparing juicers, telling the girls to stop touching things and whining, letting the girls choose Halloween costumes, and herding them over to the checkout.  Once there, I looked in my purse and discovered, to my dismay, that I had left my wallet at home.

I was almost in tears, but I had no choice but to head home.

I drove the 20 minutes and 5,000 feet back “up the hill” and got my wallet.  By that time it was too late to drive down the hill, go to two stores (I wanted to check out the juicer at Costco, too) and make it back in time to pick up the boys.  So we got McDonald’s, waited for the boys’ practice to be over, took another kid home, and headed back down the hill.  I had the nagging feeling that I should put it off until the next day, but when I want to do something, I must do it NOW!  So we did.

We were on our way and I was stressed and trying to hurry and the kids just kept asking me question after question.  I must have seemed annoyed because my 4-year-old said, “Do you wish you didn’t have kids because they ask so many questions?” I couldn’t believe she had said that! “Of course not!” I said.  “I love having kids!” And went on to describe all the reasons I love having kids.

After that I tried to be a little more patient with them.  We went to Target and got what we needed there and then went to Costco.  While we were there in the produce section, the boys kept running off and I had to keep calling them back.  And let me tell you I was not using my most patient voice.  Again, Princess pipes up, this time with, “Mom, do you wish you didn’t bring us to the store?”  I don’t know where she was coming up with these things, and I don’t remember what I said to that, but the point was well taken.

I went ahead and bought the Jack Lalanne juicer at Costco for 90 bucks and we all went home.  We got home at about 9.  We were all exhausted, but I had accomplished my mission.  When we walked through the door Hubby was home and almost the first thing he said to me was, “You bought a juicer???”

“Yeah, that’s why I went down the hill.”

“My dad has one that they got brand new in the box at a garage sale and only used a couple of times and they said you can have it.  I think it’s called the Jack Lalanne juicer or something.”

“Why didn’t you tell me?!”

“He just called 20 minutes ago!”

Oh the irony!!!  This was good news, it was going to save me 90 bucks.  But that meant my entire trip , actually, all my trips were a complete waste.  I just knew I shouldn’t have gone down the hill again.

The next day I went out to Corona, which is a little over an hour away to get the blessedly free juicer and I returned the other one.

That’ll teach me to listen to those nagging feelings, and that there is no such thing as running to the store really quick and expecting everyone to be happy.  Also, that no matter how good you think you are at hiding your impatience, your kids WILL pick up on it.


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