I’m sick.  Yucky freaking sick.  My kids were barfing so at least all I got was explosive, watery diarrhea.  I slept ALL DAY and forgot to pick J-Dog up from school, poor guy.  The office called and I was dead asleep.  I had set an alarm, but slept right through it.

I have definitely felt worse, but it’s not fun that my stomach feels all gurgly.  And it’s horrible to have to try to take care of the kids while I am feeling like crap.  Luckily they are old enough to be entertained by a few (OK, more than a few) movies.

And another thing I hate about being sick is that it throws off my groove.  It’s hard to worry about healthy eating when you just want to eat whatever won’t immediately end up in the toilet.  And I missed my favorite workout class (it’s a Cardio Funk class-sooooooo fun!) for the second weekday in a row and won’t be working out tomorrow.  It just throws eveything off and makes it harder to get back into things when the time comes.

My kids are in various stages of sickness.  They all feel better but have tummy aches, intermittent diarrhea, or heartburn.  How do you know when you can send a kid to school?  J-Dog did fine at school today except for the fact that he had to use the restroom at school and was embarrassed.  That’s traumatizing for a 3rd grader.

Hopefully we’ll get through this quickly and get our lives back to normal.

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  1. Well sounds like you are in desperate need of a nanny or maid…sorry to say i cannot help with either of those things.How ever i do hope that you have a speedy recovery…


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