Taking down the Christmas decorations

Today, January 22,2011 we finally took down our Christmas decorations.  It’s not the latest we’ve ever taken them down, but I had hoped to do it a lot earlier.  I had been really on top of things during the holiday season. The Christmas decorations were up the Saturday after Thanksgiving. I made candy, baked cookies, and  bought and wrapped presents all before the kids were out of school. But my domestic motivation ended with the holidays.  Maybe I have a hard time letting go of the fun holiday season. Or maybe I am just exhausted from the pounds of sugar consumed.  Either way I let January slip away until finally my husband couldn’t stand the “ugly” tree with the ornaments strewn upon the ground (the kids like to play with them).  I suppose I could have done it one of those days when I was reading on the couch/dozing off while the boys were in school and the girls were napping, but why would I have wanted to do that?  Oh yeah, and I needed Hubby’s help to take down the tree.  But at least we managed to take the Christmas lights off of this house.  Our other house still has the lights hanging on it.  And they haven’t worked in 4 years.

J-Dub says the house looks empty without all of the Christmas decorations up and he’s right.  I got out the Valentine’s decorations (yup, we’re almost there!) and all we have are two heart-shaped pillar candles, some place mats, hand towels, and a welcome sign with hearts on it. Pitiful.

But while we are on the subject of Christmas (see? I just can’t let go!) I must brag about the beautiful stockings that I made for my family.   I got the idea from a friend and loved it.  So I did what I’ve done for every crafty thing I’ve ever done, I decided to copy.  ‘Cause that’s how I roll. But I did the cross stitching and even the sewing all by myself! I’m very proud of them and my family loves them if I do say so myself. This despite the fact that two of them are made from a completely different template than the others and I forgot some of the rick rack on those two.  But as one of my dear friends would say, the mistakes make them unique, and that’s the beauty of homemade.

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  1. Wow, that stocking is seriously beautiful! You need to send me the patern. I do tend to receive a artistic feeling every now and then.

    As for the Christmas decorations….let me make a confession, last year our tree stayed up so long that it was October before I took it down….just in time to put it up again. Maybe next year will be better!


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