The Bed-Making Conspiracy

I’ve heard of these.  I know they exist.  I’ve seen them on TV, in catalogs, at department stores, and online.  I even have a couple of friends who have several of  these.  But they can’t possibly be as common as the mainstream media would have us believe.  I don’t have any, and I have no evidence to suggest that many of my friends do either.  What I am talking about is a bed that is made.  That’s right.  A bed in your very own home that you actually sleep in, being made nicely and neatly.  Who actually has one of those?  I for one have neither the time nor the inclination for one.  Sure, it looks nice on TV and in the store, but in a real bedroom it’s completely unrealistic.  I mean, who’s going to see it?  My husband says that HE’LL see it.  Yes he will.  For about seven and a half seconds right before he passes out at night.  No one else ever goes into our bedroom except for me and our kids and they certainly don’t care if the bed is made.  Besides, We’re just going to mess it up again every night, and have to make it all over again.  It gets worse if you like to take naps, which I do.  I sure as heck am not making a bed twice in one day!  My husband says he likes getting into a bed that’s made. I just like getting into a bed, period.  In fact a made bed just takes UNmaking to get it ready for bed.  I can’t possibly be expected to slip in between two tucked-in sheets and lay still all night.  No, for me bedtime preparation involves UNtucking the bed (if for some strange reason someone has made it) and wrapping myself in the covers.

My husband knows how much I loathe bed-making, and he is more than willing to do it himself, but since he leaves for work before I am even awake, it’s up to me to do it.  Since I know he likes it (we all have our little idiosyncrasies) I try to do it for him.  But every morning when I wake up late I simply don’t have the time to do it.  I could do it right before he gets home from work, but by that time I’ve forgotten all about it.

Not only do some people (I’ve only met a few who have actually admitted to this) make their beds EVERY DAY, but I’ve even heard of people that make their kids’ beds.  Whaaaaa??  First off, if I don’t make my own bed, there’s no reason for me to make anyone else’s bed.  Secondly, my kids each have three or four little baby blankets they are attached to.  How do you make a bed with that?  Although my daughters have cute little princess bedding sets, I remain convinced that bed-making is completely overrated.  It’s a complete conundrum to me why anyone would do it.  Maybe they feel pressure from the media.  Maybe it’s a conspiracy by the government to control our lives.  Either way, I will stand firm in my beliefs and will NOT make the bed.

One of the rare times I have actually made a bed (I’m obviously a little out of practice).

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  1. And then we need to talk about pillows. There are some people who put up to 12 pillows in differing sizes. You have to take all the pillows off and then put them all on again. Pretty at the store and in catalogs but a waste of time at home in my opinion.

  2. Denise always wants to make the bed but I never understood the reasoning behind it. I thought once I was free from my home I would no longer hear about making my bed but I was wrong. It is kind of one of those nagging things in the back of your head that you kind of get used to, kind of like that small oil leak in the car you know you should fix but you don’t because it is cheaper to buy more oil than send it to the mechanic to fix it.

  3. I admit it. I am a bedmaker. My hubby could care less, but to me, I feel like making the bed automatically makes the room look 50% cleaner, which puts me in a better mood. We do however have only 2 pillows. lol. I will never have decorative pillows.

  4. My house may be messy most of the time, but that is one thing I actually do everyday – most of the time. My kids make their own bed too – mostly it’s just the blankets pulled up – but that’s good enough. Although I never really make Amy’s bed.

    It doesn’t bother me that other people don’t make their beds. To each their own I say. I guess for me it’s just something I can accomplish even if nothing else gets done that day 🙂

  5. I have to disagree with this one. 😉 I make my bed everyday and put on the 12 different pillows in various sizes. (not really 12 but close!) To me my bedroom is my sanctuary. It’s my peaceful place. All else can be crazy and in chaos but when it’s MY time and kids are in bed I love going to my room and having it crisp and clean.

  6. I’m going to help you out here Crystal, because I am a fellow non-bedmaker. I also like a made bed before I go to sleep, so I simply shake everything straight and smooth the sheets & blankets out before hopping in. BUT it turns out if you have allergies, it’s healthier to not make the bed!

    Seems dust mites (UGH!) need humidity to survive. Making the bed provides that humidity. Leaving it unmade dries the little buggers out. So now you can tell your hubby that you’re just looking out for his health.


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