The Long-Distance Trash Can

We live in the mountains and don’t get mail delivered directly to our home so we have to have a post office box where we go to pick up our mail.  I don’t know why we don’t get postal service to our house.  We get UPS and FED-EX, so it’s obviously not impossible to navigate the roads up here.  We pay just as much in taxes and for stamps as everyone else does.  So what’s the reason?

It is supremely annoying not to get mail delivered to our home.  Our mortgage companies have NEVER sent anything to our P.O. Box and always send it to our street address, at which point it gets “lost in the mail”, whatever that means.

We are usually able to order things online just fine, but every so often they either don’t ship to P.O. Boxes or ask for your street address as well and then send it there, at which point it gets…you guessed it, “lost in the mail”.  One time our bank was sending things to our street address and they were getting…wait for it…”lost in the mail”, and so I tried to give them our mailing address.  After much back and forth they finally got the manager to override the computer and let us add our P.O. Box to our address.  We now (finally) get mail from our bank.

It’s especially irritating when you get nothing but a lot of junk mail in your box.  Who wants to drive 4 minutes away just to empty their mail box directly into the trash?  It’s like taking out the garbage which, by the way, I don’t even do at my own house.  I make my kids do that kind of stuff.  So I have started having my kids take out the long-distance trash can for me, although I still have to drive there and I also have to check the junk mail to make sure there is nothing important hidden within the folds.  But at least I can make them walk in for me so that I can stay in my P.J.’s like any NORMAL person checking their mail.  By the way, why can’t you unsubscribe from Rite-Aid mailers and other junk mail the way that you can from e-mail SPAM?  Just wondering.

Another really irritating aspect of P.O. Box-ness is the Yellow Card.  No, this is not a penalty, but it can sure feel like one at times.  This is what they put in your box when you have a package that is too big to fit inside of said box.  You can only pick these up during business hours.  So if you are waiting for a Christmas present that is running late and it gets there on Dec. 23rd, yay for you!  Unless it’s on a Saturday.  Because they ain’t open on Saturday and they ain’t open on Sunday and they sure as heck ain’t open on Christmas.

So if any of you want to move to our glorious Southern California mountains (and who wouldn’t?) just keep in mind that you will be required to get a long-distance trash can that comes with all sorts of other “benefits”.

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  1. I understand all of the inconveniences, but i actually kind of liked going to the post office when we lived in the mountains and I’ll even volunteer to do it when I’m home visiting. I like the small town charm of it- seeing friends or the Bishop there too. And I liked getting to use the key and knowing exactly where our box was with my eyes closed and the smell of all the paper and ink. When we’re in town I’ll pick up your mail for you. :o) Though, it’s only the Crestline post office that I have these happy feelings for. I hate going to any other post offices, e-specially if I have the kids in tow, so I get it.


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