The top 10 cutest things that toddlers do

The top 10 cutest things that toddlers do:

10. Watch a movie.  I love seeing them get way into it and actually react when something happens.  While watching “Barbie in a Mermaid Tale,” Princess gasped at the scary parts and said “awww” at all the cute parts.

9. Throw a fit.  While not fun for the parent at the time, if you step back and look at it objectively it’s hilarious, with their little arms and legs flailing around and their high pitched voices squealing.

8. Draw.  I love seeing their fat little hands clasping a thin little crayon and rubbing it back and forth on the paper.  The best part is when they start drawing circles with eyes and smiles, maybe even with legs sticking out of the head.

7. Focus on the unimportant.  Again, while watching “Barbie in a Mermaid Tale,” when Merliah the human finally gets a mermaid tail, Preemie exclaimed, “Look! She has a flower!” There was a flower on Merliah’s shirt.

6. Pretend.  It’s amazing to hear what they come up with in their fantasy world.  Who knew princess witches wore aprons and sunglasses and baked?

5. Run. Their legs swing out from side to side with each step and when they turn a corner they lead with their head and then the rest of their body follows.

4. Eat something cold or sour.  It’s sad, but you know you love to watch their faces pucker while they sit there shuddering.

3. Give kisses.  Puckering up those little lips is just too sweet.

2. Eat _______ (insert fruit: watermelon, strawberries, oranges, whatever).  It’s great to see their tiny mouths try to negotiate around the piece of fruit as the juice drips steadily down their face and arms.


1. Suck.  I love a binkie or thumb sucker.  I’ve even seen a girl suck on her pointer finger while twirling her hair around the other one.  Princess sucks on the corners of her “Baby,” which is her favorite blankie.  It’s gross but still cute.  Preemie used to suck on her forearm so much that it would leave a cracked open scab.  We got her to stop doing that and now she sucks on her thumb knuckle.  Just the knuckle

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