The Top 10 Reasons that Top 10 Lists are Stupid

TheTop 10

Reasons that

Top 10

Lists are stupid:

1. Half of the people who write them do it wrong.  You are supposed to start at number ten and count backwards to one.  Ideally, your best answer comes last.  If not, it’s anti-climactic.

2.  They are overused.  Everyone does Top 10 Lists nowadays.

3. The subjects of the top ten lists are usually lame.  But mine aren’t.  Check out my incredibly original and entertaining Top 10 Lists: The Top 10 Cutest Things That Toddlers Do, The Top 10 Grossest Things that Parents Do, and The Top 10 Ways you Know You Live in the Mountains.

4. According to the author of the blog: Go, See, Write, “Top 10 lists are a tool of the Devil.”

5. They are inadequate.  You can only think of ten things to say about the subject? How lame!  People who write them are avoiding actually writing a stimulating article on the subject.

6. God sent 10 PLAGUES to the people of Egypt!

7. Sometimes you are really pushing it to find ten whole things to say about the subject.  Why not go for 7?


9. “They” want you to think that these lists are concise and fun ways to get a point across, but they’re not!

And the NUMBER TEN reason that Top 10 Lists are stupid is…

10. Americans these days have too short of an attention span to read all 10 (you still there folks?)!

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  1. Haha you are so cute. I made it all the way through. Loved that you skipped #8. ;D Top Ten lists on Late Night talk shows are the best too, ha? Remember Johnny Carson’s?


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