The Woman Who Believed in Me

The first person I can remember ever really believing in me is my mom.  As a kid I had hated her oft-used phrase “You can do hard things.”  She would say it every time I wanted help with something or thought I couldn’t do something, complaining that it was “too hard.”

As an adult I came to appreciate that saying.  Whenever I was overwhelmed with homework in college or frustrated with my kids as a mother, she would encourage me with the refrain, “You can do hard things.”  It buoyed me up to think that it didn’t matter if what I was doing was hard.  I could do it!  I would make it through!

My mom was also an example of accomplishing difficult things herself.  She went back to school at in her 50’s to finish her Bachelor’s Degree.  She had gone to Brigham Young University after high school, but most of the classes she took were either irrelevant to any degree whatsoever, or no longer counted for credit because the classes had changed.  She had 3-4 years left to finish.  She also wasn’t good at written tests.  At all.  But she knew she could do hard things, and finally graduated from BYU, 30 years after starting.

Now whenever I want to do something hard or what seems to me as impossible, my mom always reminds me, “Remember, you can do hard things!”  I’m going to start training for a marathon, something I never thought of doing.  Ever.  But once the idea got in my mind, I decided to go ahead and do it.  I’m a little worried that it will be “too hard,” but I just keep thinking that I can indeed do hard things!

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  1. That’s a phrase I use a lot with my kids too. “You can do hard things!” Good luck with your marathon training! That is awesome!

  2. I love this blog about your Mother and the pictures you included. What a wonderful Mom you have. 😉
    Love the Marathon Training! It’s going to be so fun and yes def. hard, but the reward is totally worth the hard work. After your are done you will be so much more aware of what you are made of and what you can accomplish. I look forward to long Saturday runs with you. 😉


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