Not everyone answers the phone the same way.  You’d think that the standard “Hello?” would make phone-answering pretty basic, but this is far from the truth.  Not only does not everyone say “Hello” but not everyone says it in the same way.
A friend of mine says, “Hi!” as if she already knows who it is, even when she doesn’t know who it is.  The first time I called her it completely threw me off.
“Ummmm…hi…do you know who this is?”
“It’s Crystal.”
“Oh. Hi!”
My mom’s mom says, “YELLow!” really fast like she’s answering a question on a game show.
“Quick, for $1,258.46, what is the color of your phone?”
According to my dad, my aunt used to say, “Start talking, it’s your dime.” (wow, a pay phone used to cost a dime?)
My dad also swore that my his mom used to say, “You’d better get your butt in that room or I will beat you!” And when the phone would ring she’d pick it up and in a syrupy sweet voice say, “hello-o?”
My sister’s friend answers with, “Word up.”
The guy who works at Famous Footwear says, “What up?”
Jesse from “Full House” says, “talk to me.”
However, most of the people I know do say “Hello” but they all say it in different ways.  My mom says, “HELL-OOOOO!” in a sing-song voice.  My sister says, “Hello????”  As if she is confused.  Like this strange thing on the table suddenly started making a funny noise at her and she picked it up in bewilderment and said the most natural thing that came to mind, “Hello????”
My kids say it really cautiously like they might be talking to either grandma or a serial killer.  “hell…oooo?” I, of course, say it the normal way.

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